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Renovating your basement can be one of the most cost-effective ways to increase useable living space in your home. Whether choosing to add a mother-in-law suite or the man-cave of your dreams, Pemadale Construction has the expertise from design to build to help make your vision a reality. There are virtually limitless possibilities when it comes to the finished design, which can complicate your planning process. Pemadale design experts have over 14 years experience in remodeling basements in Calgary and surrounding areas, and can provide you with guidance in deciding the best way to take advantage of your previously unused or minimally used basement space.


If your have aging parents, you may wish to build an entire apartment in your basement to afford them the independence and privacy they desire, while keeping family close and safe. By transforming the basement into an in-law suite, individuals are able to give their loved ones the best of both worlds. This all-inclusive living space can also serve as rental properly in later years.


Or perhaps you want to build a home theatre. A place where friends and family alike can watch a hockey game or the latest movie, or host a karaoke night. Calgary basement renovations need careful attention to function and design because with high humidity issues, expensive electronics can malfunction or become damaged if the construction is not properly insulated. Trust in Pemadale Construction to assure that your renovation is completed to assure you a lifetime of enjoyment and safety. From waterproofing, installing additional insulation and even outdoor landscaping and run off, Pemadale has the experience to assure all possible issues are corrected during the remodel.


Perhaps you want to work remotely, spend less time traveling to and from the office and build your own home office in your basement. Lighting, temperature and humidity management will be of considerable importance.


No matter what design purpose, your basement remodel can add value to your property and increased enjoyment to your home. Pemadale Construction can help to design a comfortable and conducive basement space to become the envy of your friends and family.

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