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Tired of juggling bathroom time in an undersized, out of date bathroom? Dreaming on remodeling an existing bath or adding a new modern bathroom sized appropriately for your growing family or personal space desires?Let the expert bathroom remodeling team at Pemadale Construction guide you through the often complicated design process.

With expertise in bathroom remodels, we can help you to decide on size, location and layout of a new bathroom or the changes that can be made in your existing bathroom space.


With over 14 years providing quality, affordable construction services for Calgary residents and businesses, we are experts at designing new additions and remodels to suit the needs and personal style of you, the homeowner.


Well designed and executed bathroom remodels have been known to recuperate up to 182% of the build costs at resale. Imagine having your dream bathroom and knowing that it will pay for itself, and then some, at the point in time that you chose to sell your home. Even modest improvements often yield a 100% return on investment at resale making a bathroom remodel the most cost-effective remodel in your home, along with modernizing kitchens.


From a simple upgrade of out of date fixtures to a full bathroom remodel, Pemadale Construction is your trusted bathroom remodel expert. With top of the line materials and a dedication to excellence, you can be assured to love your finished bathroom project. Our teams work quickly and efficiently to provide you with the utmost in customer satisfaction.

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