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Longing to share more outdoor activities with your family? Enjoy the warm days of a calgary summer cooking out on a nice new deck. Invite the neighbors and create lasting memories. Choosing to add a new deck to your home or remodeling an existing one, takes some forethought and planning. Your deck should be designed to facilitate your outdoor activities while reflecting your individual style and enhancing the architectural design of your home. Pemadale Construction offers an expert design team dedicated to turning your dreams and visions into a real plan, and a talented construction team to quickly turn that plan into reality. You will be ready to host neighborhood parties and family cookouts by the start of summer.


Let our experts guide you through the often confusing decisions of materials and construction styles. Deciding on the best material for the climate and maintenance is very important. Current material choices include a vast selection of green options to choose from. Rest assured that we have the right material, within your budget, to provide you with long lasting usage and easy maintenance and upkeep. In addition, the depth of the support beams needs to be calculated based on the level of ground freeze in your area. Our team has over 14 years of experience in installing lasting quality desks in Calgary and the surrounding areas.


Another consideration that factors into the design is the desired size of your project. Will your deck be used for hosting extended family and friends or mainly used for your immediate family and their recreational enjoyment? Do you envision outdoor cooking and dining areas or perhaps incorporating a hot tub or jacuzzi?


A new deck should add value and improve the overall aesthetics of your home, while complying with neighborhood or HOA guidelines. Having the support of a professional deck installation team will assure you complete compliance and a lifetime of enjoyment.

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