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Building a decorative or functional fence on or around your property can be more complicated than one may initially think. Many localities have building material restrictions and ordinances as well as right-of-way or offsets that limit the design and placement. Trust in the expert team of designers and builders at Pemadale Construction to assure your fence meets your needs, is complementary to your property and home design and is in compliance with any local ordinances or HOA guidelines.


The designers will work with you, the homeowner to determine the purpose of your desired fence. Do you want privacy in your backyard, security for young children or pets, to surround a hot tub or patio, or are you interested in enhancing curb appeal by adding decorative fencing. The answers to these design questions will help to guide the choice in materials, size, location and aesthetics.


Additionally, there are other personal choices when it comes to materials such as sustainability, upkeep and maintenance, and local or neighborhood guidelines or ordinances. Some HOA forbid the use of chain link fencing for example or limit paint color choices for wood fencing.


To ensure that you are aware of all guidelines and ordinances, it is best to rely on an experience company to guide you through the process. Our team has over 14 years of experience in Calgary and surrounding areas and can assure you a compliant fence build as well as the design and function you desired.


Building a fence in Calgary, also has come weather dependent considerations such as ground freeze levels. It is very important to know the minimal depth needed for the fence posts because when the weather turns snowy and the ground freezes an improperly installed, or too shallow fence post can be shifted or raised out of the ground by the repeated act of the surrounding earth freezing and thawing. An expert fence installer can assure that your fence is installed correctly and alleviate the worry of the harsh Calgary winters damaging your new fence.

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