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Calgary weather can be very damaging to vehicles. A garage is essential to protect your investment and keep your family comfortable. Scraping snow off of your car daily or wasting valuable and expensive gasoline waiting for your car to warm up can be eliminated by building a new garage. Or perhaps you want to add a second garage space to use as a workshop or to store the antique car that you are rebuilding. Whatever the use, Pemadale Construction can help you to select a garage style, design and size perfect for your needs.


Calgary ordinances require a work permit for garages or shed exceeding 10 square meters that are not attached to your home. An attached garage is considered a home addition, and, also requires a distinct type of work permit. Let the experts at Pemadale Construction handle the legalities and red tape involved in the installation and construction of your new garage. We have over 14 years of experience in Calgary and the surrounding areas.


In addition, we can help you with the exterior design so that it is in keeping with the design of your home and adds resale value to your property. New, modern construction materials can offer you a wide choice of materials and styles to add your personal touch to the addition. A garage should add to the comfort of your home as well as the value, and as such Pemadale Construction can guide you through the decision to add a garage heater, automatic garage doors and other design enhancements that can improve your overall enjoyment.


Contact Pemadale Construction today, to get started designing the garage addition that you desire. You can rest assured that your finished project will exceed your desires and provide you and your family with a lifetime of function and enjoyment.

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