Pemadale Construction | General Contractor
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General Contractor

Choosing a general contractor in today’s construction marketplace can provide a great challenge. The job is tough and you need to find one who you can trust to plan and provide oversight for your build from start to finish. Pemadale Construction team.


We are experts in general contracting, providing planning, scheduling, procurement and general construction supervision and subcontracting required to complete your project.


No projects too small or too large to deserve our trusted care and attention. We pride ourselves in finishing a project to the complete satisfaction of the customer and with close attention to projected timelines and budgets.  We employ the best in the trade in all specialties of planning, engineering, design, and construction disciplines. Our team is dedicated and trustworthy, and provide quality, compliant construction services.


We are leaders in the field and stay abreast of all current construction regulations and changes, in order to remain in complete compliance with the local and state laws and ordinances. We thrive to prevent work delays and stoppages and work in close coordination with job site inspectors to assure your project is completed on time. We also take jobsite safety extremely seriously. We care about the safety of our employees and the surrounding community.


Construction site delays and errors cost you money. Trust in a team to provide you with the peace of mind that even your most time-sensitive and budget-tight projects will be handled professionally and efficiently.  Trust in Pemadale Construction to oversee your complete construction project from start to finish.

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