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The kitchen is the heart of the home. Where you and your family and friends spend the majority of your time. It should reflect your personal style and be designed to ease the daily cooking and cleaning tasks. Modernizing your home kitchen can range from changing cabinet fronts or replacing an out of date countertop to a complete tear down and remodel. Research shows that a remodeled kitchen can increase your resale value by more than half of the invested remodel costs. Not to mention the years of comfort and enjoyment for your family.


Large eat-in kitchens are popular because it allows the family time to be together, socializing, while one family member preps the meal, another sets the table and the kids complete their homework. A large kitchen brings the family together, in work, play and conversation.


The talented design team at Pemadale Construction can help turn your kitchen renovation dreams into reality. They work closely with you, the homeowner to assure that your new kitchen is designed to work for you in the most convenient manner possible. Modern, top of the line materials and products allow a wide range of personal choice that will allow you to create a showpiece, within your budget and in keeping with your families convictions. Committed to using all sustainable green materials? We can help you to select materials that have low environmental impact, while maintaining the elegance and luxury feel that you desire.


Additionally our build team can quickly get your kitchen back in use in no time. We recognize the inconvenience of having a kitchen remodel project ongoing while attempting to live and work in your home. As such, we work efficiently, with careful regard for the comfort and cleanliness of your home. Our goal is to have your life minimally disrupted, during the time it takes to provide you with the new kitchen of your dreams.

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