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Landscaping is not only about the curb appeal of your home, but in areas with harsh weather such as Calgary, having your lawn professionally landscaped can be crucial to the overall safety of your home and family. With heavy snowfall and the ensuing melt, comes ground saturation. Ground saturation if not properly sloped away from your home with precise grading can seep into your walls or basement. Not only causing structural damage but creating a humid environment conducive to dangerous mold and spore growth.


In addition to the grading of your property, a well designed landscape plan will include plants and vegetation which help to improve the quality of your soil and absorb the excessive moisture and humidity. There are also automatic watering systems available to minimize the work of maintaining your garden and to save on water costs and waste. These systems are fully automated and an affordable addition to preserve the value of your landscape investment.


A professional landscaper such as the experts at Pemadale Construction can examine the slope and drain of your property as well as the surrounding properties and design a landscape plan to best protect your home from damage. Not to mention, the previously mentioned elegance and appeal of a meticulously designed yard.


A well designed landscape plan for your property adds instant resale value. You can rest assured that Pemdale Construction will provide you with design to best meet your personal style and vision while keeping in mind your budget.

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